Support for ADIF QSL Verified

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Support for ADIF QSL Verified

Clublog now supports the QSL Verified feature of the ADIF Standard.. To quote G7VJR:
"..there are actually three QSL states defined in ADIF:
Worked (QSL_RCVD = N)
Confirmed (QSL_RCVD = Y)
Verified (QSL_RCVD = V)
Up to now, Club Log has only supported worked or confirmed (a paper QSL or LOTW QSL is sufficient). However, while we were chatting at the RSGB Convention, Alan 5B4AHJ proposed that it would be helpful if Club Log also supported the verified state, which is set when you have your QSL accepted and awarded by ARRL."
It would be good if CQRLog also had a way to flag the QSO as verified, changing the ADIF QSL_RCVED field from "Y" to "V".

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A correction to my origional post, this should have read:
Verified (LOTW_QSL_RCVD = V)

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I was getting ready to make

I was getting ready to make the same request. I, too, use ClubLog and would love to see this feature. Actually, this feature would be useful to everyone that is trying to collect cards for DXCC as it would show what cards still need to be verified. Right now I have a shoebox full of cards that I need to go through and somehow figure out what I need to send the ARRL.

The initial fix seems easy to me, add an additional option. Later versions can actually contain some logic for determining which QSLs need to be verified.

Where in the code?

I've taken a quick look at the source to see if I could find where these values are defined but wasn't able to find them. If someone can point them out to me I'll happily try my hand at a patch.

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Re: Where in the code?

Its almost everywhere - new qso statistics, membership, dxcc, waz, itu, iota, CFM dxcc count functions, views in database ... . It won't be easy to change everything. Maybe I should write something more common. Maybe in the future, there will be more letters for QSL received.

It appears that LoTW will now

It appears that LoTW will now allow you to download an ADI file containing all the contacts of which they have verified for DXCC.  It would be nice if CQRLOG could somehow incorporate that upload into this feature to make it easier to manage.