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Option to read TX power from fldigi log

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Option to read TX power from fldigi log

I noticed today, after setting the TX power in fldigi for logging, that that piece of information isn't imported as part of CQRLog's remote mode.  It would be great if it were, because otherwise I have to go back and change it manually.  Along those lines, are there any other things in the fldigi log (state, notes, etc.) that are ignored by CQRLog in that mode?

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It would also be great if

It would also be great if CQRLog could optionally "read" TX Power and S Meter via the CAT interface for rigs that support this. I have seen this option in other software for my rig (FT2000) and it seems to work well other that TX Power is reported as numerical value equivalent to the power control setting position and not equalling actual power so I guess there has to be some kind of conversion done.

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