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Two RIGs control

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Two RIGs control

Hello everybody!
Hello Petr!
I use v.1.5.2 jn my Slackware 12 notebook. I can control my YAESU FT-897 using RigControl via rigctld (default port).
I made a SoftRock SDR recently, QUISK is the best choice for me by now. A QUISK software has its own port 4575 to control SDR. And it works with CQRLog's RigControl fine.
So, they both work, but separately as Rig #1 and Rig #2.
The question is how to to control two rigs (Rig $ SDR Soft at my instance) the same time. To avoid a concurrent situation, I think, one of them has to be "master", another one - "slave"
Is it possible with CQRLog?
73!  Andrey

Two RIGs control

Hi guys!
The best way to understand something is to explain it to somebody else!
(Not my wisdom)
I've found the way to control two (maybe more) RIGs. One of them has to be Master and can work with CQRLog for example, another one (or more) has to be Slave.
Here is a script to do that.
# This script reads Master's frequency and makes Slave's one the same in a loop.
# At my instance Master is SoftRock Ensemble II under Quisk (network IP
# connection, port 4575), Slave is YAESU FT-897 at /dev/ttyUSB0.
# Script doesn't use rigctld, just rigctl.
while [ -e /dev/ttyUSB0 ]
FREQ_Master=`/usr/local/bin/rigctl -m 2 -r localhost:4575 f` # Reading Master's freq
# echo $FREQ_Master  #just debugging
FREQ_Slave=`/usr/local/bin/rigctl -m 123 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 9600 f` # Reading Slave's freq
# echo $FREQ_Slave
if [ "$FREQ_Master" -ne "$FREQ_Slave" ] # Freqs comparing
/usr/local/bin/rigctl -m 123 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 9600 F $FREQ_Master  # If not equal
# sleep 0.2 # Delaying if it needs
echo "You've lost your Slave RIG!"
It works, really!
73! Andrey