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Spotters origin in cluster and HamQTH

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Spotters origin in cluster and HamQTH

Let me start by saying this is not very urgent to me but may be useful to others as well.
Now you can choose the spots shown filtered by continent. This also means a lot of spots are shown spotted by Ham's from "far away" countries. I.e. PT0S spotted by North Americans in Europe's late evening on, say 15 meters.
Now if the continent of the SPOTTER could be chosen, I for instance, would choose Europe. Meaning I would only see spots spotted by a Ham in Europe. This would greatly improve the chance that I can hear (and work) the DX.
No need to rush it but if this is not too timeconsuming, it might be implemented.
73 Tjalling PA3GOS
P.s. A big thank you for all the improvements made so far!