universal export (csv)

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universal export (csv)

is it possible to get an universal export of the QSO-Data, like a csv? But not the IOTA-csv, I mean a csv with all values like they appear in ADIF.
So it would be easier to work with the datas (for example including them on a web site or using them for any other issue)
73 de Andre, DL4UNY

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Re: universal export (csv)

Hello Andre,
CQRLOG has CSV export but only in SQL console. So if you want to export all QSOs to CSV, go to QSO list window -> Filter -> SQL console. There put this command:
select * from cqrlog_main order by qsodate,time_on 
and click to green arrow on the right top corner. All QSO will appear and you can export it to CSV by click to the second icon from the left on the toolbar.
73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: universal export (csv)

Thanks Petr,
excellent help!

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