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Call sign database

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Call sign database

Hello community,
I really enjoy working contests and 160m. Sometimes Signales are sooo weak on TB that it takes me a while to decode a call sign letter by letter.
In most of the contest programs you have a master call sign database and it makes life easier to guess the right call sign. I also have more than 60k QSOs in my log, and maybe it's possible to include the call signs in the log in the masterdat? The next nice feature would be, next to partial check, a N+1 / N-1 check.
Hw?73 de Andre, DL4UNY

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Re: Call sign database

Hello Andre,
CQRLOG already has this function but it's disabled. When you type the callsign, it shows possible callsign in separated window. I can enable it into new version.
73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: Call sign database

Hello Petr,
thanks, that would be very helpful!

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