Request: ADIF import comment option and multiline per-QSO comment

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Request: ADIF import comment option and multiline per-QSO comment

I previously used another logging program that only used ADIF (actually it was fldigi, I used it for all my logging for almost 2 years before switching to CQRLOG!)

The QSO comments, when imported from fldigi, are put in "comments for callsign" rather than "comment for QSO", which is wrong in many cases. Also I suspect when multiple QSO's were had with the same callsign, the comments for later qso's overwrite the previous ones.

Please can there be an option where the imported comments from ADIF comment fields get put in the "per QSO" comment field instead?

Also, I would really like a multiline comment box for the specific QSO like the "per callsign" comment one.

Finally it sometimes happens annoyingly, when editing the multiline comment box, that I press Enter instead of Alt-enter and it saves the QSO and clears the window instead of adding a newline :( This is extremely disruptive sometimes. I wish it would change the behaviour of the Enter key when it's in the multiline edit box, so Enter will give a newline and e.g. Ctrl+Enter would save the QSO. In fact having a general option where Enter would never save the QSO but you always have to press Ctrl+Enter, would be very nice to have.