Extension of the window Database connection - profiles.

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Extension of the window Database connection - profiles.

I would like in the "Database Connection" window have a choice of profiles.
For example:
The first profile "xx": server, port 3306, user xx, pass xx, databases xx_cqrlog_common and xx_cqrlog001
The second profile "yy": server, port 3306, user yy, pass yy, databases yy_cqrlog and yy_cqrlog001
The third profile "zz": server, port 2223, user zz, pass zz, databases simple_databases1 and simple_databases2.
It is also a good idea to put everything in one database with a choice of database name.
This is important if they are different users and one computer, or if the mysql server is used for individual stations and clubs.
I do not know if this is possible?

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Re: Extension of the window Database connection - profiles.

Hello Pawel,

I'm sorry, this is not available. There is only one connection for multiple logs. Truth is, I could protect it by password but if anyone want to delete it, he will do that. Why you can't have one central MySQL server for all users? You can't trust each other? I'm sorry If didn't understand correctly.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Hello Petr,

Hello Petr,
Thank you for your response. My mysql server is on the Internet. I installed cqrlog in a laptop, sometimes I'm in the club with laptop and I would like to use the club database. My friend uses a database on his computer and the club database on the Internet. I'm not sure of the behavior of others and therefore a much better solution would be possible to create separate databases on separate accounts. So it would be safer.