eqsl login with cqrlog profile

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eqsl login with cqrlog profile

Hi Petr,

1) I had more than one profile on eqsl; iw3hli is0/iw3hli iw3hli/3 and so on.
The download system works only by predefined call on preferences; now I'm changing by hand the login and password for every account.

2) I have two iw3hli account, with different locator and start/stop date.
Eqsl system give me an error, because it requires two passwords for recognizing the old call and the new call.

The solution for both problems could be to move eqsl login/password from general preferences to cqrlog's profile.

So we can select download profile directly.

thank you for your big work

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Re: eqsl login with cqrlog profile

Hi Stefano,

yes, I'll do that. There will be one globall settings and you will be able to change it in eQSL download window as well.

73 Petr