ClubLog interoperation

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ClubLog interoperation

Hi I'd like to see support in CQRLog for ClubLog interoperation in the same way that DXKeeper supports Clublog.

1) Add a ClubLog column to each QSO whose values are blank (not uploaded to Club Log), 'Y' (uploaded to Club Log) and 'M' (uploaded to ClubLog but subsequently modified) in the QSO List.
2) Provide the ability to upload all QSOs in the QSO List whose Club Log item is not 'Y'
3) Provide the ability to upload all QSOs in the QSO List
4) Provide the ability to upload a single QSO to Club Log
5) Provide the option to automatically upload to Club Log a QSO logged in the Capture window, (but not when importing QSOs)
6) Provide the ability to display the Clug Log home page.

I think ClubLog support in CQRLog would be a welcome addition.

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Re:; ClubLog interoperation

Hello Dave,

thank you for feature request. It is alreary on my todo list but with very low priority. I increased it and it will be part of the log in near future.

73 Petr

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Excellent, can't wait for that. Many thanks for an excelent Log program and all the hard work you put into this.

73'd De Dave, G8FXM O/S Linux Mint 18.1 KDE Plasma 64 bit