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FTP Upload and PC-sync?

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FTP Upload and PC-sync?

is it possible to build in a "FTP-LOG-SYNC" function into CQRLOG?
If an OM is using some PCs with CQRLOG, he can sync the logbook and can back-up it online.
This should be automatically in background from CQRLOG, or every program start/stop.

very thanks to you and CQRLOG, the best LINUX logging program ever!

73 DL1CPA, Chris

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Re: FTP Upload and PC-sync?

Hi Chris,

CQRLOG supports mysql also in full version. So you can have MySQL server and connect to data from several computers. I know about several user who use it. I was one of them, I has small home server with MySQL database and used it also for CQRLOG but after HDD crash, I started to use it on my computer as mysql embedded. Home server is running from Flash memory and is used only as router and firewall.

In the future I'm going to include dupe check into ADIF import, so you probably should be able to use it to sync QSO between computers.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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Resubmittal request for feature!

Hi Petr & Chris

A long time ago, in a shack far far away....
Me and the lads were operating special event stations with win-eqf software that were drive shared (subst) to a central point.
The lan had 4 workstations plus one server (a spare station).

The software that i wrote would grab a local copy of the wineqf datafile and parse it into a .txt and .html files then ftp directly (.bat script) to the server.

You can get a rough idea of how i done this by following here:

The completed files (after the event closed) could then be linked from a suitable page like so:
(select ascii txt to get the idea)

The program would update every 60 seconds. The update interval could be set as a variable in the config or passed via a command line. I also made the program output a file called last10.txt and last10.html that i linked to inside an iframe tag on the home page. Any visitor could then check the log online in almost real time without the need for mysql!

I think a great feature would be for the program (cqrlog) to output the last x number of qso's to a separate file. A simple script can then be run from cron to upload to an ftp server.

Something like this would be another fantastic step for a damn cool log program! Please give it some thought.