HAMQTH Log upload

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HAMQTH Log upload

Hello OMs,
hello Petr,

What do you think about an upload - option of the logbook to hamqth.com ??
Perhaps with a button like the upload to eQSL..

If it is possible to export all marked Fields to HAMQTH, then we could
use this option also as a backup for our logs ;-) (had some trouble with my logbook the last weeks).

Think about an import button as well.....

DL1MTT - Mike

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Re: HAMQTH Log upload

Hello Mike,

thank you for interesting suggestion.
Truth is, I was thinking about that. It would be great option to upload log to HamQTH but I'm not sure how many users are interesting in it. I'm going to create simple page at HamQTH to provides an option to uploads log from command line, but still don't know if I should add it to CQRLOG itself.

73 Petr