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DX Cluster macros

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DX Cluster macros

I would dearly love to have a set of programmable macro buttons or hot keys for the DXcluster. It would be really helpful for those of us looking for certain country for DXCC

It gets really old typing "show/dx sv" or any other number of regularly used commands

In fact even a scroll back buffer in the command field would be great that way you could use the up arrow key to scroll through your previous commands and simply hit enter when you find the right one..

We don't need anything fancy even linking a command list to a configuration file similar to .bash_history where the user can edit a list of commands they want available by using the up arrow key, this would be very useful for recalling complex DXcluster commands..

DX Cluster macros

Here is what I do---

use ve7cc software, which allows a high level of filtering. It is then saved to cluster. Then when you open the cluster in CQRLlog you see only what you want.

ve7cc is windows, but runs fine under WINE.

Hope this is useful for you.

Dan kc2sta