Thanks Petr & Martin

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Thanks Petr & Martin

Thanks to Petr and Martin for all their hard work and long hours !

Just put up CQRlog 1.3.0-1_amd64.deb on peppermint os 2 and all looks good feeding two K3's.
I have downloaded LOTW and EQSL and look forward to integrating all my data in CQRLOG.

Best 73/TKS, Howie N4AF

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Re: Thanks Petr & Martin

Hi Howie,

glad to see you here on CQRLOG forum.

I hope everything will be fine and cqrlog will work as expected. If there will be any problem, please send me an email. See you in Marathon!

161, Petr

2 K3's

What do you mean by 2 K2"s???
Tom, K0YR

Re: Thanks Petr & Martin

Two K3s! My one keeps me busy enough. ;-) It's definitely a sweetheart of a radio.

Лог хороший, но я не нашел в

Лог хороший, но я не нашел в нем Русского языка. Будет ли Русский язык?

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Re: Лог хороший, но я не нашел в


CQRLOG now supports only English language. Maybe later we will add more languages support but it doesn't have high priority.

73 Petr, OK2CQR