Problems getting going again with a new log

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Problems getting going again with a new log

Hi, I have loaded up a new log into Mint 11 and have these snags:

I can't remember what the Internet connection tab is for. What should I enter into Proxy, Port, User and Password? Is this details for my internet provider?

Under Browser, I use Opera, but CQRlog doesn't seem to recognise this.

I can't get TX control working. Any tricks I should be aware of?

Should Fldigi screen open up if I click on remote control for fldigi? I have set the path in the settings.

Sorry for all the questions, but I can't get things working as they used to when I was on Ubuntu.

The rig's settings also don't automatically transfer to the log's input screen even though I have it set up. I feel like it's back to square one.

Grant VK4JAZ

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If you set up Fldigi right in

If you set up Fldigi right in the preferences it will open when you go into remote mode, as far as rig control, what is the rig? what version of Mint are you using? Serial port of USB to Serial? I leave the proxy ports blank, not really sure what they are for, why not use Firefox?. If you are trying to do look ups, go into preferences under callbook, check HamQTH, put in you user name and password, then in the new QSO under Preferences check QRZ look up, should work. HTH Tom K8WDX


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Re:Problems getting going again with a new log

If you don't know what proxy is, you probably don't have it :-). Someone like me was sometime behind proxy. All request to html pages, ftp etc.can go throught a proxy which can filter packets, do cache etc. More at

If you use Opera, go to Preferences -> Program and change Default web browser option to opera.

What radio are you using? What did you set in TRX control preferences?

Yes, fldigi should run if you enter to Remote mode, if you want. Go to Preferences -> Fldigi interface and check the path to fldigi executable and if you have checked "Run fldigi after entering to remote mode" option.

Grant, what version of CQRLOG did you use on Ubuntu?

73 Petr, OK2CQR