Clone a database (version 1.2.1)

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Clone a database (version 1.2.1)

I want to do some experimenting and need to duplicate a complete log with all QTH profiles, set ups, etc. What is the best way to go about this? Cheers,


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Re: Clone a database (version 1.2

There is a way but it is not easy.

- create new log, remember the number of the log, and close the program
- go to ~/.cqrlog/databases
- delete all files in directory related to log number (e.g. rm cqrlog002/* if the log number was two)
- into this empty directory copy all files from original directory

run cqrlog and now your whole database will be cloned

73 Petr

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Hi Petr, Thanks, I tried that

Hi Petr,

Thanks, I tried that already. The funny thing is then that you can't delete any entries. After you delete them they still show up. Only the DXCC count is adjusted. Even clearing the whole log won't work. Any idea's?


Clone all cqrlog

I make a backup of everything "cqrlog" just in case ....
I created the following script:

Escritorio=Desktop in English


DATE="$(date +%d-%m-%Y)"

zenity --info --text "Iniciando Respaldo,cqrlog-$DATE" --timeout=1
mkdir ~/Escritorio/cqrlog-$DATE
cp -R ~/.config/cqrlog ~/Escritorio/cqrlog-$DATE
zenity --info --text "Respaldo Finalizado" --timeout=1