Problem with the scroll bar?

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Problem with the scroll bar?

I don't seem to be able to scroll down through my "show qsl list" to the end, but only as far back as the last year or so. If I do a search for a qso going much further back, it does come up so I am sure my complete log is in there somewhere. Is this to do with the scroll bar? I have run the script mentioned in another post to disable the scrollbar, but this distro can't find it. I am running Mint 11. Any ideas?

Grant VK4JAZ

in Linuxmint the route

in Linuxmint the route is:

sudo nano usr/share/applications/cqrlog.desktop

I am using linuxmint 11
I deleted "overlay-scrollbar" also "libovelay-scrollbar*" from synaptic!!

Re: Problem with the scroll bar?

In the QSO list window only so many QSOs are shown. Does the list advance as you press Page-Down? Does it go to the oldest QSOs when you press Ctl-End and then back to the latest QSO when you press Ctl-Home?