Importing my log into Linux Mint

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Importing my log into Linux Mint

I have just given up on Ubuntu and gone over to Mint. I have installed cqrlog and imported my entire log from my backup. Seems to have worked fine except I have lots of errors for qso's made on FM. Here is an example of the message I have received.

2011092209511025VK4CBWFM147.455959WallaceJindaleeNNBUREAUQG62LLQG62LL5VKFT-25055301|QG62LL|Jindalee, Brisbane|FT-450, FT-7800|Y20111002OC
ERROR: Wrong frequency:147.45

There are about 300 of these errors, all appearing to be on the same mode etc. What is wrong with them? They came across from my previous cqrlog. How can I fix them to put things right?

I guess a bulk edit is needed, but what is wrong with the entries?

Grant VK4JAZ

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Re: Importing my log into Linux Mint

Hi Grant,

I'm very sorry. It is a bug in CQRLOG. I'll fix it in new release. If you are started using Linux mint, you can copy entire directory ~/.config/cqrlog.

73 Petr, OK2CQR