CQRLOG and rigctld (daemon)

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CQRLOG and rigctld (daemon)

I am trying to connect CQRLOG to the rigctld (daemon).

I have got the daemon working, see screen output using nc to query/control rig:

olaf@D610:~$ nc localhost 4532
F 7024000

Command f reads rig ok, and command F sets rig as requested, ie all in working order.

I then fire up CQRLOG where control has been set to localhost:4532 (has also tried localhost 4532 and only 4532). No contact with radio. Starting CQRLOG from console yields:

In inicializerig
Port:localhost 4532
RIG_RESULT1: in tRig.Close
TRX control thread terminated

To me it seems that CQRLOG is unable to connect to rigctld.

Can anyone tell me how I can succed here. Would very much prefer to use rigctld as I then can use more than one software to control rig.

73 de Olaf LA3RK

Hi Olaf I have had trouble

Hi Olaf

I have had trouble with CQRLog and rigctld in the past but it is working FB for me now. In the device box I have localhost:4532 and rigID is set to 2 and pollrate 500

What OS are you using? What version of hamlib? I am on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty 32bit and using the hamlib pkg 1.2.14-1 from Kamel's excellent PPA.
To add Kamel's hamlib ppa:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kamalmostafa/hamlib

Glenn VE9GJ

Hamlib rigctld and a K3

Thanks to both replies. I note that I have overlooked one tiny detail, the rig number is set to 2 and not 229 which is the K3. The physical rig are of course entered as part of the rigctld start command, therefore setting rig equal in cgrlog is not logical as that info is not needed to access rigctld.

I will check later today, but I expect this small detail will solve the issue.

I have checked my setup and can now control the K3 both from the station computer by use of the nc command. Further the nc command works ok also on another computer connected to my homenetwork. I also have software on my Windows machine which now are able to control the K3 via the network.

My conclusion so far, the rigctld daemon is ok and running, but I may have misunderstood the setup information required by CQRLOG.

Will chk later today and report back.

73 de Olaf LA3RK

Olaf Devik LA3RK

It is a bit confusing, in

It is a bit confusing, in fact, I was confused for a time and I'm one of the Hamlib project admins! I had to read through Stephane's source for a while to understand what was going on.

The actual rig is selected when starting rigctld. That you have correct.

The reason for selecting rig model 2 in CQRlog is that is the Hamlib model for "NET rigctl" and is a special method for programs that use Hamlib as a library so they don't have to add separate code for network sockets. So a program like CQRlog is using Hamlib as it always does and Hamlib is doing the network connection for the client program. If that makes any sense. :-)

The port number for the localhost:4532 device only needs to be changed if you start rigctld with a different port number. Mutliple rigs can be supported by multiple rigctld instances each on its own port number.

I have updated the screenshots and added some more text to:


Please let me know if this is helpful.

73, de Nate >>

Re daemon rigctld

Thanks for explanation everyone. Rigctld is now working both with CQRLOG and fldigi. Updated explanation from Nate as given above is helpful.

Next task is to get rigctld starting automatically when rig is turned on. As far as I have been able to find out, rigctld will not start unless radio is connected. I frequently turn my radio on/off.

Two options come to mind, use a timed process to restart rigctld if not running, or add some bash script to startups of cqrlog and rigctld which starts rigctld if not already running.

Tips are welcome.

73 de Olaf LA3RK

Olaf Devik LA3RK

rc.local - startup script

Hello Olaf.
Take a look at another subject in this forum.

It might solve Your case

73 de Børge / LA4VGA

Olaf, does this screenshot

Olaf, does this screenshot help you?


It confirms what Glenn advised.

73, de Nate >>