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First, thank you for offering HamQTH as an alternative to QRZ. As I agree with the fundamentals of Open Source, I appreciate your efforts. However, since HamQTH is still new I'm finding that I still must rely on QRZ when HamQTH does not have complete references. Presently, on the "New QSO" window there is a button for QRZ and one for HamQTH linking to the appropriate web page. Would it be possible to also assign buttons to select whether to use QRZ or HamQTH to fill in information? This would be more convenient for the user than going into the Preferences menu to select the reference source each time it is necessary.

I am sure that as HamQTH matures there will be fewer instances where resorting to QRZ will be necessary, but for now it is a practical reality.

The very best 73,

Dick, ka1oz

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look into Preferences -> Callbook Support. There probably is what you need...
BTW try to remember how long it took to find QRZ in current state (data amount). I am pretty sure that HamQTH will beat QRZ in a year or so. Instead of "relying on QRZ" would be for us all better to give HamQTH better support and intensive use :-)

73 Martin, OK1RR

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RE: QRZ vs HamQTH selection shortcut

Thank you for your response, Martin.

I am aware of the Callbook Support menu item and use it often. I try to use HamQTH whenever possible, but frankly, until it is more mature and covers more international databases it cannot meet my immediate needs. But please be assured that I will always try using HamQTH first, but if I can't find a reference then I must check QRZ to complete my log. This is why I requested buttons on the New QSO window to allow quick switching back and forth between the two services. I expect that as more hams learn about HamQTH you will accumulate more subscribers (also remember that most hams still use Windows rather than Linux and may not learn of HamQTH except by direct referrals by hams that use CQRLOG!)

Best regards and 73,

Dick, ka1oz

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