LoTW upload problem

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LoTW upload problem

Hi, it's me again!
Last night I tried to upload my June qso's to LoTW but got a TQSL error message "Name not found".

I have the LoTW software on my system and checked that the home qth details was correctly inserted in usr/bin/tqsl -d -l as mentioned in the instructions. I have checked that the tqsl file is in my home repository and it looks good to me. I have been using LoTW and my signature etc fb before, but not with this logging program. I think I have followed the instructions closely. Anything spring to mind what I am doing wrong?

RE:LoTW upload problem

This looks like a error-message from tqsl.

My experience:
Check in the setting for tqsl.
The QTH much match exact the profile defined in tqsl
My setting: /usr/bin/tqsl -d -l "Uthaug" %f -x

73 de Børge / LA4VGA

LoTW settings

Thanks Borge. I have just checked and my settings are good. Still get the message that it cant find the file, yet I see it there. So frustrating! Any other ideas?


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LoTW settings

Hi Grant,

when it writes this error? Could you please make a screenshot? Is your LoTW certificate valid? I see this error for the fist time.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Hi Peter, I have made more

Hi Peter, I have made more progress this time (why, I am not sure) anyway, I got to the point of uploading the signed file to Lotw, and input my password, so all seems fine till that point. Then I received this message: Fatal error: initializeLOTWDB: -709 - CONNECT: (cannot connect to server socket): General database error [initializeLOTWDB: -709 - CONNECT: (cannot connect to server socket)]
So I am making some progress. Any idea how I can go one step further?


LoTW is down

It seems like LoTW-server is down right now.

The same error message at the web site.

Just wait until they are in service again.

73 de Børge / LA4VGA

LoTW is Down

Thanks Borge. Iĺl do that. Phew, at last it looks like I might be in business.

RE:LoTW settings

You could try it step by step to see where it fails.

First export your actual QSO's to an ADIF-file.

Then start tqsl (tqsl or /usr/bin/tqsl)
File sign-existing ADIF...
Select profile (check that the "station location name" is set")
Select ADIF-file

This should produce a xxxx.tq8-file

Then You could try it from cmd line
My example:
tqsl -d -l "Uthaug" /home/bmo/Documents/ham/LoTW/Sent-logs/LA4VGA_20110630.adi -x
It should also produce a xxxx.tq8-file

73 de Børge / LA4VGA