HOWTO: Rig Control with rpc.rigd or rigctl?

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HOWTO: Rig Control with rpc.rigd or rigctl?


I have been searching, but not found, a simple newbie guide to configure the control rig via rpc.rid or rigctl daemons/applications.

My rig control works 100% A-OK with direct USB interface setting in both CQRLog and Fldigi, but not when using CQRLog in remote mode with fldigi (as both are using same interface).

So I know what is going on and why, but what I'm looking for is just a plain 1-2-3 step guide to how to configure those programs (or atleast one of them) to use those "apps". I know the basics of the syntax how to run those, but is it from cpmmand line (in terminal)? Should it be done every time you run the app? Can you make a .bat-file of somekind so that I can just run it and it starts everything for me... I need some "best practises" how to use those.

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I'm just a linux newbie, transformed from Mac/Win world completely to Linux in the hamshack, because of the Cqrlog! More I've been using it the more I've started to love ot. It simply is the best loggign software out there, and I've neen trying many :-).. And what resources it is running!! Second to none on my old Sony Vaio :-) Great job!! And it just is getting better all the time (been waiting for the, and looking forward on eQsl integration).

Keep up the good work!

Sorry abt the spelling

Sorry abt the spelling errors...stupid iPad keyboard :-)

73 de Hessu - OH6FXL

rigctld startup

On the pc connected to the rig, edit the /etc/rc.local file (you must be root).
Add one line at the end of this file:

/usr/bin/rigctld -m 228 -r /dev/ttyS0 -s 9600 &

You might have to change 228 according to Your rig-model.
run rigctld -l to find Your rig-number.

You might also have to change /dev/ttyS0 (physical serialport) to i.e /dev/USB0

Reboot the pc.
On boot of Your pc, the file /etc/rc.local will be run as the last part of startup.

You can check by typing:
ps -ef | grep rigctl
and then You should see the process.

On the pc running cqrlog, open the preferences, TRX-control and enter as device (IP address of the pc with rigctld)
2 as rig model id
and poll rate 1000 (adjust yourself how often polling)

I hope this will help You.

73 de Børge / LA4VGA

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Børge, your howto does not


your howto does not seem to work on cqrlog on Fedora 15 (or earlier versions for that matter). I can get other programs, like fldigi, to talk to rigctld just fine, but cqrlog refuses to work.

Here is the pas.c and hamlib output from when I click "Refresh TRX Control":

In inicializerig
Baudrrig:rig_init called
rig:rig_close called
in tRig.Close


Thats strange.
I tried with localhost and dummy on my client.
I run mandriva 2010.0 on client and 2010.2 on machine connected to rig.
Hamlib 1.2.12

You can try with dummy rig just to check more.
/usr/bin/rigctld -m 1 -vvvv (vvvv gives more or less debuginfo.)
and manually start rigctl -m2 -vvvv
give "f" command to get frequency. It should answer "145000000"

You could also try rpc.rigd instead.

73 de Børge / LA4VGA

USB adapters will typically

USB adapters will typically be named as /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/ttyUSB1, etc. Beware that with two or more USB to serial adapters that udev may assign them in any order at system start unless specific udev rules are written to name them in a specific order. I'm no udev guru and never got the suggested rules to work consistently but that has been a few years ago. These days I only have one adapter plugged in so it's always ttyUSB0.

See for CQRlog setup info using rigctld.

73, de Nate >>