What to backup new 1.02 version?

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What to backup new 1.02 version?

I installed new version, but now folders is different as before. Older version I take backup "cqrlog.fdb" files, but how about that new version? What should backup?

And second:
How to import old settings from older soft to new cqrlog? Of course it's not very big thing make all again, but maybe some settings file is still same?

73 de oh6vj

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Re: What to backup new 1.02 version?

You can backup whole cqrlog data directory which is ~/.config/cqrlog. Or you can use ADIF export and sometimes export entire log. Or you can use auto backup which export all QSO after program ends (Preferences -> Auto backup).

You can import your settings to new CQRLOG but after import, please check all settings in Preferences. When you open log, database connection window appears. There is Utils button. Click to it and choose Import -> Configuration and find you old cqrlog.ini file.

73 Petr, OK2CQR


Thanks Petr!

Now I use new 1.02 version, and I make all settings again. I forget said, I using linux (ubuntu) version, and Now I use that "auto backup" log files. I thinks it's enough for backup all data.

Thanks for nice log software!

73 de Jyrki OH6VJ