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QSO List

Installed 1.0.2 and now ADIF import working fine which is good news.
When however I view the QSO's in the QSO List, it only scrolls back to 2007.
I have confirmed that the program has imported all the QSO's but why will it not let me look at all off them in the QSO List?
Am I doing something wrong?

73 Wallace MM0AMV

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Re: QSO List

Hi Wallace,

CQRLOG shows only 500 QSO at one time. If you want to see previous/next qso, use Pagg Down, PageUp key or arrow keys and you can browse all your QSO.

All this is about speed. It you have over 50 000 QSO in your log, loading all QSO will take long time. So CQRLOG always load only 500 QSO, after you are on the end of loaded QSO and hit arrow down or PageDown keys, cqrlog will load next 500 QSO.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re:QSO List

Hi Petr,

OK, now I understand.
It does make sense to make the program as fast as possible.
Thank you for your efforts.

73 Wallace MM0AMV