cqr forgets data in preferences... Problem solved

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cqr forgets data in preferences... Problem solved

New install, tried both.. via programmanager and via terminal.. ( same problem)
After startup I print all the nessesary info in preferences... but after I have closed it, it is forgotten... and I can start over and over and over again... version 2-5-2.. ( 001) Program remember all the contacts..( pyh..). but is not saving data in preferences.... Linux LMDE 6... fresh install ( still hot), and all updates are OK

stop press Problem solved
I think I have a very wise YL... she said to me... your old PC works... ( maybee slow, but it works)...Why working with the new with all the problems and trouble.. It is realy so mutch faster and better ? You can not use your normal programs on it... Switch back to the old PC and return the new... Buy some other radios for the money you get back for the new pc and keep the old one so long it works... When it fails, we can buy a new....
I love my YL.. so.. i continue on my Levono Thinkcentre M82 3.2Ghz with 8Gb ram... the HP Prodesk 600 with 3.4Ghz with 16Mb ram goes back to the dealer. OK I lost a whole weekend with trying solve problems..installing, updating, switching harddrives an pulling hair out for nothing...but I learned... listen to your YL.. Sometimes they come with a nice idea..