Cannot connect to Winkey USB Server

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Cannot connect to Winkey USB Server

I am an happy user of CQRLOG 0.9.6 in Ubuntu 10.10.
Now I am trying to connect the Winkey USB server 0.2.0 without success.
The server seems to work, it is running on port 6789 and I can see also the keyer is online reporting firmware version 23.
I have access to the server from terminal, using command:
nc -u -v
and all what I type in goes to the the server is OK.

But from CQRLOG there is no way...what I'm missing?

73 de Piero, IK1IYU

correction to above terminal

correction to above terminal command:

nc - u 6789 -v

73! de Piero, IK1IYU

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Re: Cannot connect to Winkey USB Server

Hi Piero,

Winkey USB server is good for program which doesn't support WinKeyerUSB directly. If you want to use it with CQRLOG you have to set it to use cwdaemon instead of Winkeyer.
I think, much better is using Winkeyer directly with CQRLOG without Winkeyer USB server.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Oppppssss!!!! Hi Petr, I


Hi Petr,
I didn't realize that CQRLOG support WinkeyerUSB directly, because in the CW menu I found both ports (for winkeyer and cwdaemon) set with a numeric value (6789)...and the online help it's not clear about this.
So, I am going to try setting "/dev/ttyUSBn" in the winkeyer port entry...

Thank you for the help,

73 de Piero, IK1IYU

73! de Piero, IK1IYU