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File not found error

Whenever I close version 10.0 Beta 1, I get a "File Not Found" error immediately after the "Exporting to ADIF file" notice appears. I have tried to find where such an ADIF file may be, but have been unable to locate it. I have also tried reinstalling CQRLOG to see if that would create the ADIF in question. But that didn't work.

Perhaps it is important to mention that my original log file somehow got corrupted. But the program will not allow me to delete it, as it is log file #1. I created a second log file from an ADIF. But the error message is still there.

So I have two (three?) questions.

1. How do I eliminate this error message?
2. How can I delete log file #1? When I delete the CQRLOG program and reinstall, the corrupt log file is still there. Where does it reside?

I still have version 9.6 on my machine. I hesitate to delete it because it is working without problems.

Thank you for an excellent program!

Rich, TI7?AA2UP

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Re: File not found error

Hi Rich,

you probably have enabled auto backup function. You can find it in Preferences -> Auto backup. You can disable it or set the correct path for ADIF export.

I'm sorry there is no way how to delete log #1. I'll add function to purge the log. Now please create second log and try to import data into it.

73 Petr, OK2CQR



Thank you very much. The backup setting was the problem. Now all seems well. Really would appreciate the ability to purge #1 log when you have a chance to make the function.

73 de TI7/AA2UP