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Uploading toLoTW

Hi, I am new to this group and to this logging program, but enjoying the experience. I am having difficulty uploading part of my log to LoTW. I have the certificates entered all ok and have gone through the upload process as described in the notes. But when I hit upload, I get:
uploading file ...
Size: (blank)
Errors: 0

So I take it nothing has happened. I don't get the message that says upload successful or complete.

Then I tried downloading from LoTW and get the message:
NOT logged
Error: 0
Error ssl_none

In both cases I was attempting to upload to the AARLs web page option.

Any ideas?

Grant VK4JAZ

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Re: Uploading toLoTW

Hi Grant,

please check if you have openssl-devel package installed.

73 Petr, OK2CQR