Satellite QSOs

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Satellite QSOs

Satellite QSOs are a bit unique and are generally described not by a specific frequency but by a transmit, receive band, mode, and satellite. It would great if CQRLOG would provide support for satellite QSOs. I'd be happy to provide the necessary information on the satellites and help troubleshoot this feature.

Eric W4OTN

qso sat ,


I am f1mxe, using UBUNTU 11.04 with FLDIGI and CQRLOG in good conditions.
thanks for the repository with UBUNTU
since 2 weeks i put in cqrlog my paper sat qso......but i have some troubles with sat qso.
its necessary to give a frequencie....but for example a qso with rs15 144 or 29 mhz.

i beleive that there is not this "mode" for the moment?
i hope that you inderstand my problem....hi...
Sorry for my bad english....hi....

thank to the team for this very good linux soft !
best regards from FRANCE
Didier F1MXE