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Automark QSO QSL_S field

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Automark QSO QSL_S field

is it possible to use this feature on ADIF import?
I use for contest logging the N1MM logger, and import the ADIF-File into CQRLOG, so it would be nice if the QSL_S field is marked in the same way when i directly log a QSO

73 de DH1UZ

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Re: Automark QSO QSL_S field

No, it is not. But after inport, you can use filter to select imported QSO and use Automark QSL_S function.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

tnx for the tip. Works fine

tnx for the tip. Works fine for me.

73 Uwe, DH1UZ