OK1WC (MWC) contest with Cqrlog

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OK1WC (MWC) contest with Cqrlog

There is nice small contest called MWC held on every Monday 1630 to 1729 UTC 40&80M CW.
Timing is nice (for Europe) and it takes only on hour.

With wire antennas, 100W and latitude over 62N you can not be on top of the list, but you can try to collect all multipliers instead within one hour. Interesting.
Multipliers are the last letter of callsign ( or number).

Cqrlog supports that contest and you can get contest status while working and create Cabrillo log for sending to web page within minute after contest end.

i have written small manual for MWC https://github.com/OH1KH/cqrlog/blob/loc_testing/compiled/MWC_with_Cqrlo...