QSL_S / QSL_R for LOTW and eQSL

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QSL_S / QSL_R for LOTW and eQSL

Hello guys,
its me again with another wish ;-)

Is it possible to add the LOTW and eQSL support to the QSL-fields??

Perhaps you can make 2 fields for QSL_S and 2 fields for QSL_R ?
The first field could be used to define the paper QSL as it is already working in CQRLog.
The second field could be a used like:
-eQSL and LOTW
I would be glad to have these information to know, if I sent or received something in LOTW or eQSL.
Later on, perhaps the QSL_R fields for eQSL/LOTW could automatically be updated if the eQSL interface
is working.

So 73 from south bavaria
and many thanks for this great software for linux !!


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Re: QSL_S / QSL_R for LOTW and eQSL

Hi Mike,

good idea but program doesnt support it, now. But you can enable LOTW_QSLR field in Preferences and you'll see if QSO is confirmed.

73 Petr, OK2CQR