freezes after downloading eQSL data

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freezes after downloading eQSL data


CQRLOG freezes after downloading data from eQSL. Amazingly works perfectly uploading data, and also down and uploading to LOTW. THe only options are wait wait wait ... or force exit.

If I run it in debug mode, the data seems to be downloaded properly, the errors are prepared BUT freezes when the data should be shown, and the last lines shown in the debug are the following:

update cqrlog_main set eqsl_qsl_rcvd = 'E'
,eqsl_qslrdate = '2023-10-01'
where id_cqrlog_main = 6394

one record read:

And I can download data from eQSL with some other programs, so no issue semms to happen in eQSL.

Version is 2.6.0 (116) Gtk2, working OK since several months under Ubuntu 22.0.3LTS.

Please help!

freezes after downloading eQSL data

Cqrlog saves data from eqsl to it's own folder under ~/.config/cqrlog
Find the last download from there and compare contents of file to last debug
. Is the qso you see in debug last in eqsl file?

Are there more qsos and do you find them from log. Do they look ok?

Has that last qso in debug now status E in log? If not, what happens if you set it manually to E and do again eqsl download?

There must be some kind of error in your log or in eqsl download after or in the last debug qso.


Good morning,

Good morning,
I see the same problem regarding the recovery of eqsl. The program freezes, you have to wait and wait and force the download to stop. I noticed the problem two days ago, previously everything was working like Swiss clock!.. I am working with version Alpha 2.6.0 (119) GtK2 (thanks Saku).
73' Yves F5JQF

Yves, F5JQF
CQRlog Ver.2.6.0_(121)_GtK2 / Hamlib 4.5.5 / Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon

Issue persists today,

Issue persists today, probably the code needs some fine tuning because some other people are experiencing the same problem.

I made the test you proposed and the last QSL in file is the same shown in the QSO window but the Y key is not shown in the qsl column even after restarting the aplication.

freezes after downloading eQSL data

Hi, I have exactly the same problem. I just noticed that the format of the file returned by EQSL has changed. There is now an x0Dx0A at the end of EVERY line, including the header. And at the end of the file there is an empty line with just x0Dx0A.
Maybe that's where the problem lies?
Maybe it helps, and I would be happy to get a tip on how to solve the problem.
Thank you for your efforts.
73 de Peter


I have just installed the 119 version and it works OK!!!! Issue solved !!!

Thanks !!!