Program special RX-TX buttons.

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Program special RX-TX buttons.

Hi all,

Here is a sample (used on my TS-890) to program a special button on TRX-control to easily shitch to the NY-repeater on 10m.
It will put the set on freq, splitmode and tone-codes.

V VFOB F 29520000 M FM 0 V VFOA F 29620000 M FM 0 S 1 VFOB C 1109

And to return to e.g. 80m and put it back in normal mode

V VFOB F 3630000 M LSB 2800 V VFOA F 3630000 M LSB 2800 S 0 TX VFOA C0

I have not seen many people use it, takes a bit of tinkering but work perfectly.
Too bad we only have 3 buttons we can program, for it may be 20 or so.

Fun part is, it works for all radio's you connect if they support the commands, most do.