on line logs none working now?

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on line logs none working now?

Had this all sorted out or so I thought. Worked some contacts and they were all uploading fine.

I then switched over and ran some FT8 contacts using WSJTX and GridTracker which auto uploads to ALL logs live. Amazing program.
So in CQR Log I set my online logs to off no boxes checked. I did not need duplicates of what GridTracker was doing.

Today back on CW checked the boxes to enable log as well as auto upload of log to:

Ham QTH, Clublog, and HRDLog. None are uploading. The box that usually pop ups and gives information is just a super fast flash for each. Nothing is being uploaded.

Here are the URLs in CQR Log.


Solved but why this issue unknown.

Went back to this yet today. I unchecked the box to close the dialog box on successful upload. That got the box where I could see what was happening. It was like there was some prior change hanging for all logs preventing uploads. I checked the box to ignore all those issues. I then had to reenter the contacts to get them uploaded but they did go through then.

Not sure what caused the issue other than the unchecking of enable upload and then checking it.

In the past as well as this time I always mark all logs uploaded when I use GridTracker before using CQRLog on other modes. Then enable uploads in CQRLog. In the past this did not cause a problem. Will monitor and update this thread if it repeats.



untriedleech (not verified)
Thanks for the solution

I appreciate the solution; by checking the box to ignore all of those issues, the problem was resolved. The contacts were finished by the time I had to re-import them in order to post them.
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Brian (not verified)

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bekeanloinse (not verified)
Make sure that you are using

Make sure that you are using the latest version of CQR Log and that it is compatible with the API or upload method drift hunters unblocked provided by Ham QTH, Clublog, and HRDLog. Sometimes, updates are required to maintain compatibility.

tzesty (not verified)
Previously and still, I

Previously and still, I consistently annotate all submitted logs while using GridTracker prior to employing CQRLog on different settings. Subsequently, activate the upload functionality in CQRLog. Previously, this did not pose any issue. I will diligently observe and revise this backrooms game thread in the event of its recurrence.