Separate Logs ?

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Separate Logs ?

I have been playing around with cqrlog again and have it installed under ubuntu (Lucid) it all seems fine, but I was wondering is it possible to create ANOTHER log, perhaps with a different name to keep a record , ie:- of reception reports maybe downloaded from psk-reporter (These are adif files) I'm sure I read somewhere it is possible to store different logs ? I've looked but cant see how it's done - any clues ?

Rgds Peter

Separate Logs

I solved problem simple way. I had special event call "OF7JHA" some time ago. I liked to save those QSOS to computer log. I installed CQRLOG once again. In installationbox I made new logfile. Basic file is /home/timo/cqrlog/ I made /home/timo/cqrlog2/ . I use rename option on worktable to new CQRLOG icon and renamed it "OF7JHA_LOG". I wrote OF7JHA QSOS to separate log. If I shall start to work SOTA or Finnish National Parks I can make separate log to every pedition in this way. 73s de Timo OH7JHA
ps. sorry, simple english :)