Dxcc not change! why?

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Dxcc not change! why?

73's everyone!
I hope you can help me with my little problem...
I wanted to correct some of my qso that I made wrong, while registering the qso, the dxcc country.
For example I have put IQ0PM as Italy instead of Sardinia.. etc.. now I edit the qso, I correct the error and save the qso, nothing changes.. it always returns Italy, as well as with other qso. Where am I wrong?
Tnx for all your suggestions!
My version of Cqrlog is 2.5.2 (001) Ubuntu 20.04.5
Giuliano in3klq

Dxcc not change! why?

HI Giuliano!

Cqrlog prevents DXCC change to be saved. It can be done only modifying qso data directly from mysql database.
My alpha test version 2.6.0(113) allows DXCC changes to be saved.