RIG tcpip not working?

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RIG tcpip not working?

VER = 2.5.2 (001) Linux Mint OS 21.1
I have no problem with wsjt-x.
Using K4 IP plus port# 9200 (using K4 example found in DOC)
K4 and CPU are connected to LAN. (verified with IPScanner)
Is RIGCTLD loaded with CQRLOG? Should be on PC, as wsjt-x works

I also have a problem with scale (??) I changed window scale to see the text better (larger) - all messed up:
Picture will not paste.
text size same(?) but all on top of each other. If I go back to 4K, (sort of) OK but small...
Buttons don't scale as window size changes.

73, Steve WB3LGC

RIG tcpip not working?

Hi Steve!

First the scaling.
Unfortunately it does not work properly, what I have heard. I have old monitors "without any K", hi, and can not test that.
It could be that there is a difference are you running GTK2 or QT5 version of Cqrlog.
Maybe some other user with hires monitor can help you better.

Then the networked K4 at port 9200
As you see from Martin's, OK1RR, example @main page the "Run rigctld when program starts" sets Cqrlog to start rigctld.

Then comes the question I can not answer as I do not own K4:
Can the rig accept only one TCP connection, or can it handle several ones at same time?
My guess is just one.

In that case if you want to use Cqrlog together with Wsjtx you have to start Cqrlog first with parameters seen in example picture.
After Cqrlog is running you can start wsjtx using settings: rig: "Hamlib net rigctld #2" , network server:
Other rig settings can be as they were before when you were using rig: K4 in settings.

That way Cqrlog will talk to K4 using rigctld and wsjtx will talk to rigctld that Cqrlog has started and it will then pass traffic to rig.


IP:9200 Elecraft K4

How do I find GTK2 or QT5 version of Cqrlog. Help/About does not show?
I DID try IP:9200 and I can run fldigi and wsjt-x at the same time (same freq !). My desire is to use CQRLOG for SSB modes, as wsjt-x has a built-in log.
something is not set correctly as IP:9200 works for wsjt-x.

IP:9200 Elecraft K4

Hey !!

I looked again cqrlog.com main page picture abt K4.
I think there is error. At device column there should be rig adress and port like:



IP:9200 Elecraft K4

All ready build (from install packets) versions are normally for GTK2 widgets.
You can compile from source using "make cqrlog_qt5" instead of "make" to get QT6 version. (you need to have lazarus packet installed with libqt5pas and libqt5pas-devel installed . For Ubuntu names are libqt5pas1 and libqt5pas1-devel )
Some help for compile can be found from:
New Ubuntu and latest cqrlog https://www.cqrlog.com/node/2984
Mint 20 Cinnamon and new cqrlog https://www.cqrlog.com/node/2998

Reary compiled unofficial alpha testing version with QT5 widgets can be found from my GitHub with "newupdate.sh" install script that does backups and updating. https://github.com/OH1KH/cqrlog/tree/loc_testing/compiled

How ever you still need to install libqt5pas (or libqt5pas1) package to run QT5 version.

Of course you have same frequency in wsjtx and Cqrlog if both are driven with same rigctld started ny Cqrlog.
You can also set wsjtx remote on at Cqrlog to get wsjtx qsos logged to Cqrlog (direct, without adif transfers).
Then you have just one log.

But it is ok also log wsjtx to wsjtx log and others to Cqrlog.

Why can't you do SSB? Just close wsjtx and work SSB with Cqrlog open, controlling rig (via TRXConrol, or manually).
Then open wsjtx and work those qsos. Cqrlog can be open during that (even if you do not use it for logging)

I have feeling that you are trying to have SSB qsos while also wsjtx is working at wsjtx frequencies. And this all with same K4 at same time. This is not possible. Did I understand wrong?