cqrloc 2.6.0 (107)

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cqrloc 2.6.0 (107)

I compiled Cqrlog 2.6.0 (107) with cqr2.zip. When using window contest the TAB key and the numeric keypad not working. I can"t write a number.
All suggestions are welcome.
I use UBUNTU 22.04.1 LTS


Bernard F4DXP

cqrloc 2.6.0 (107)

HI Bernard!

Yes there is a bug in my alpha version (107) that prevents TAB key working. If you set "Space is TAB" you can use SPACE bar instead.
There may be also problem with numeric keypad as I have not that for testing.
My "mini keyborad" has no numeric keypad at all.

I tested now using laptop numLK ON and at least it gives numbers.
But I have fixed version of contest window here in use. Fixes are already in source code in https://github.com/OH1KH/cqrlog/tree/loc_testing having also version as (108) but they are not yet in "compiled" subdirectory for install with newupdate.sh

If you can compile from source (install "lazarus" first) you can download source code and issue "make" and "sudo make install" to get it running.
Otherwise you have to wait a while until I release (108) for newupdate.sh updates.