Clublog and HRDlog (again)

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Clublog and HRDlog (again)

I was using Ubuntu 23.04 (testing) and CQRlog 2.6.0 (107) and the upload to Clublog and HRdlog was working.
But.... sometimes, CQRlog deleted some QSOs and upload again. The last QSOs always, and dont upload again.
I needed to upload manual again, when this hapenning.

Yesterday, I install Debian testing, and now I had the messages that upload is OK, but dont upload nothing to Clublog and HRDlog again.

Using also 2.6.0 (107)

This diferences between distros make me crazy. lol

Clublog and HRDlog (again)

If you touch qso, or do qsl labels I think it was causing need of reupload to external logs.
But I am not sure as I do not use ext logs.
You are using my alpha version (107) and I have made some additional chekboxes to preferences (by user request) that prevent some changes like qso edit to cause reupload to external logs. Reupload is: first delete qso, then upload it again.
I just can not remember in what's tab those are, and I do not have my pc available the moment.

Thre are also qso list/ online logs / selectons to mark all qsos uploaded. By doing that and manual upload you can set updating up to date.

If upload continues to be out of sync you should consider to disable automatic updates and do it manually time to time.


I have switch to Linux Mint

I have switch to Linux Mint 21.1 also I have done the fix for club log see here
Havnt had a problem since

This URL doesnt exists

This URL doesnt exists


Again, this happening.... I

Again, this happening.... I was on Clublog 5394 qso..... after made 1 new QSO now, when was uploading tne new QSO, the crqlog delete the last qsos. Now I have 5388 qso.
Everyday this happen, when I log a new QSO.
Now I need to upload all agin via adif
And, no have any modifications on deleted QSO.