Database table log_changes is growing more and more

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Database table log_changes is growing more and more


I'm finding recently a strange behavior on my CQRLOG (2.5.1 from repository) very well running (thank-you !!) since several years, installed on a RaspberryPI3 (PI OS 32bits up-to-date, Kernel 5.10), over MariaDB.
CQRLOG is correctly synchronized both with the on line logs (after modifying the /etc/hosts file for recent ClubLog website address change) and with eQSL and LOTW, but I can see, since last month, the table log_changes growing more and more each time that I add a QSO, despite the fact that it's correctly sent to LOTW/eQSL and that LOTW / eQSL status "confirmed" is updated on the cqrlogmain table.
My understanding of log_change table was that i's only a trigger for taking trace of not yet synchronized log items, than this should be empty when the QSO are fully sent to external sites.
Is this behavior correct ?

Best Regards, 73

Solved by myself


I solved by declaring as "fully uploaded" explicitly and manually both eQSL and LOTW QSLs.
Not sure what happened before (more tan 400 records were there), but in any case now the logchanges table has now only one record with "ALLDONE" status.

73, Ugo

Database table log_changes is growing more and more

Hi Ugo!

Yes it should show just "ALLDONE".
Are you sure that there was not a qso pending that failed to upload?

Now I do not remember has v2.5.1 "QSO list/Online log/Mark QSO uploaded to ALL logs". That should clean all.