Solved: Issues with MariaDB 10

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Solved: Issues with MariaDB 10

Hi all,
First of all: 'All the Best for the new year'
I was unable for month to run new installations of CQRLOG on Raspi 64bit and my new laptop - keeping my old laptop with running CQRLOG 2.4.0 was the only solution.
I connect to a Synology Disk Station where the database is running under MariaDB10.
Since trying to upgrade to CQRLOG 2.5 things messed up - mostly with 'TMySQL57Connection:Server connection failed' message.
Today I was about to make a backup of my databases and change passwords (routine in January every year) and got aware of an 'upgrade' of the password rules in MariaDB...
The password of CQRLOG simply did not fit the new password rules (had no numerics)...
So I changed the password manually on the MaridDB side (logging in as root) and in CQRLOG.
CQRLOG just logged in fine and up to now everything works as it should.

Am I the only fool on this planet who missed this ? (... would make me a bit special !?)
Hope this can help.
73 de Peter ON4EZJ

Solved: Issues with MariaDB 10

HI Peter!
Could it be that this is only Synology "problem".


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Solved: Issues with MariaDB 10

Hi Saku,
Tanks for the link - it did not pop up in my searches.
Yes, maybe it is a 'Synology only' problem, and it's solved on my side now. My intent was to pass the info to other users.
I'm still a bit confused about the fact, hat the post you mentioned is from 2020 and my 'problems' arose in 2022 when I tried to install version 2.5 of CQRLOG - version 2.4 continued to work fine with 'weak' passwords and still works fine now with 'strong' passwords.
Maybe this password policy is also implemented in the Raspberry 64bit OS?
CQRLOG 2.4 runs on a laptop with Linux Mint updated to latest versions.
So there are plenty of config details that have to be considerated. Not sure that I'll ever find out what went wrong ;-)
Thanks for your help
73 d Peter ON4EZJ