Suddenly, Clublog upload fails - SOLVED

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Suddenly, Clublog upload fails - SOLVED

Using version 2.6.0
This is really strange. On 29 Dec. the automatic upload to Clublog function was working properly. Today (2 Jan) I get the message "Upload failed, check internet connection." The internet connection is fine -- I can ping Clublog and I can export a file and upload it manually. It's just the automatic function that doesn't work.
Do others have this problem? Perhaps Clublog has changed something?
Never mind, I found the discussion of this in the Bugs section. I changed the source as described there and recompiled it. Now it works again!


Suddenly, Clublog upload fails


Suddenly, Clublog upload fails

Thank you. I changed the source and recompiled it and it works again.

Victor 4X6GP