CQRLog, CW and MFJ Keyer

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CQRLog, CW and MFJ Keyer

Hi to All!
Is here anybody using CQRLog with the MFJ-495 MEMORY KEYER?
I've read something in the documentation about CW interface built in CQRLog but I've found no information about connecting this keyer... Now I'm using it with Cutecom (a standard software for communicating over RS-232)... But I would like to use it directly in CQRLog: it would be the same replacing the device "/dev/cwkeyer" of the image with the right device (i.e. /dev/ttyS0...)?

Any advice is really welcome...
Many thanks in advance

Franco, IK7XJA

CQRLog, CW and MFJ Keyer

Hi Franco!

If you MFJ keyer can do Winkey or K3NG emulation (I.E. understands those command sets via serial port) you just set the keyer's serial port to preferences/CW keyer settings. In case of K3NG you have to set also right serial speed.

You must consult your MFJ manual to see if there is support for Winkeyer or K3NG commands.