Problem with CQRLOG 2.6.0 (104)

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Problem with CQRLOG 2.6.0 (104)

Hello everybody,

I have uploaded the 104 release of CQRLog, and when the file is copied in directoris, it's impossible to launch CQRLog...
I use Ubuntu 20.04.


Geoffory, ON6GMT.

Problem with CQRLOG 2.6.0 (104)

Hi Geoffory!
You did not read the readme first lines of github page:
For now on alpha test binaries 2.6.0.(104) are compiled using system that has GLIBC version 2.35
If you cannot start Cqrlog after update check your GLIBC version with command console: ldd --version
Update GLIBC if it is below 2.3.5

My Fedora 36 has had 2.35 now for long and I can not roll back that. I should install 64bit _buntu as virtual machine to support old glibc.
Unfortunately there is no room in my 250G ssd to do that.
So I think other linux distros should also step up to date programs.

If you install 32bit version of (104) (if you have 32bit linux) or official version they should run and can be done with same script.
Best is to compile by yourself. (104) source is one folder upwards from "compiled".

And as final backdoor: script makes backups. You just have to restore /usr/bin/cqrlog