CQRLog Membership Preferences

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CQRLog Membership Preferences


in CQRLog there is under "Preferences, Membership" the possibility to define 5 club memberships from a variety of possibilities.

My question is, what is the intention behind this? Is this an important feature of CQRLog that is often used? How would a user of this functionality deal with it?

73, Wolfgang

CQRLog Membership Preferences

HI Wolfgang!

Depends if you keep it important.
For example you can collect qsos with some club members to get an award. Then you put the list of members to one of the 5 club selections and decide where you like to see the membership info when you enter a call to new qso.

I have collected callsigns (over 300 now) that I have had messages with here using this forum. I assume they are Cqrlog users. So I will see that when entering a new call to new qso:

Usefull or not?
What is?