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CQRLog vs.

Again hello everybody!!

I'm not sure if this post is correct in this category.. But I give it a try ;-)

There's a discussion about sending QSL's from CQRLog automatically to eQsl and that
there is information about the architecture of eQsl missing.
So I wrote an eMail to the team of eQsl if they could cooperate with the developers
of CQRLog.

Today I got an answer......

I am forwarding your comments/concerns to The Boss. I have noticed that OK2CQR is presently a BRONZE member with AG status.

Support Volunteer

So perhaps there is a chance to make it working ;-)

very 73
DO1MTT (Mike)

Hello guys, good?? news from

Hello guys,

good?? news from ... The administrator sent me this link

where is a description of the eQsl interface. Perhaps there is enough
information to develop eQsl integration into CQRLog.

Best wishes and 73

DO1MTT (Mike)

DO1MTT (Mike)

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Re: Hello guys, good?? news from

Hello Mike,

thank you very much! I didn't know about this page. It is wonderful and I'm going to add eQSL support to CQRLOG. But, it will be propably in version 1.1 because we are working on 1.0 that will have a lot of changes if our plan will work.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

EQSL.CC Support

That will be Great to have EQSL.CC Support

Will this be 2-way Inbox Outbox Connection

Keep up the good work nice Logging Program


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