JTDX/ JTAlert Integration

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JTDX/ JTAlert Integration

Has anyone tried running CQRLOG with JTDX and JTAlert?

I have JTAlert and JTDX working using UDP

CQRLOG is on a different computer at and JTALert/ JTDX is on

JTDX/ JTAlert Integration

What is the JTalert needed for?

Wsjtx CQ-monitor / wsjtx Map-mode will tell you all about callsigns and locators decoded against to your logged qsos. It also allows alerts by several definitions and following of one callsign's traffic. You can even route alerts to Telegram bot with external script if you want so.
I have never needed anything more.

Cqrlog's wsjtx remote can use limited UDP multicast addresses that begin with 239.xxx.xxx.xxx As far as I have understood JTalert can use also UDP multicast addresses.
About JTDX I do not know, but WSJTX can do it.

If JTDX can do UDP multicast you just have to define same UDP multicast address (that begins with 239. ) to all programs. It should work then.


I agree, CQ monitor in CQRlog

I agree, CQ monitor in CQRlog is far superior to JTalert or anything else out there...