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CSV export / Custom Fields

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CSV export / Custom Fields

First I want to thank you for the great Software!!

But now to my question:

Is it possible to export more data to the .CSV file?
I configured gLabels to print my own QSL-cards. But there
is a field named 'POWER' on my card.
It would be great if I could set a variable which fills my
QSL-Card with the used power.

Could you please publish which data the variables "{1} {2} etc." include?

Best regards and 73


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Re: CSV export / Custom Fields


it is already there but you have to use SQL console for this. If you enter your own SQL statement, you'll be able to export to CSV file whatever you want.

Structure of CSV file is quite simple.

{1} your own callsign
{2} QSO date
{3} time
{4} callsign
{5} QSL via
{6} band
{7} mode
{8} RST

Please look here at picture which represents an example of QSL label.

73 Petr, OK2CQR