Stopping UDP Frequency actualization via CAT

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Stopping UDP Frequency actualization via CAT

Hi there,

thanks for great programm. I'm using 2.6.0 with Icom IC-706 MK II with CAT Control.
"TRX Control" is set to the right rig, Device /dev/ttyUSBx is selected with poll rate of 500 (already changed to other counts), port number is 4532 and Run rigctld is activated, no more options selected.

CQRLOG shows current Frequency set on the rig wheel, after few seconds actualizing the Frequency in CQRLOG stops.

When starting CQRLOG from console, poll is announced every selected time (500ms or so):

Poll Sending: +f +m +v

Command ' ' not found!
Msg from rig:|GET_FREQ:
FREQUENCY: 28428690

Command ' ' not found!
Msg from rig:|GET_MODE:

Msg from rig:|GET_VFO:
RPRT -11|

and so on. After few changes of frequency on the rig, the poll stops without any error message. After settings preferences to ttyUSBx once again, showing frequency in CQRLOG works again for a few seconds.

Starting CQRLOG on console shows current configuration, seems right, rigctld starts with port 4532, "Connected to rigctld" appears.

No matter if starting with another debug level on console, CQRLOG stops showing new frequency after few changes of frequency on the rig.
Also Auto Mode doesn't show any changes, console debug stopped.

I've changed to another ttyUSB-Port, also changed poll time, but not the port. Also changed other parameters in preferences, but without effect. After change frequency few times, debug stops, but NOT after changing mode (can change it for minutes and CQRLOG changes as well).

So problem seems to occur only on changing frequency wheel.
Any ideas?

Cheers and thanks

PS: just detected: After double clicking on DX-Cluster row frequency is set in CQRLOG AND on the rig, protocol in console starts again and then i can change frequency on the rig and change is shown in CQRLOQ. For a few changes at least, then stops again.

Stopping UDP Frequency actualization via CAT

HI Cornel!

Have you tried to set speed 19200 at rig side (Ci-V speed) and same in Cqrlog? (Default is AUTO) ?
At same time check that CI-V TRANCEIVE is OFF. Rigctd does not work properly if it is ON.

Do you have any other programs using rig CAT at same time? It can lead to problems. There are ways to do it properly by using rig "Hamlib NET rigctld" as rig setting.

Command ' ' not found! seem to be weird to me. If I try to find it from Cqrlog source it can not be found:
[saku@hamtpad cqrlog]$ grep -n "not found!" src/*.pas
src/dUtils.pas:3166: else if dmData.DebugLevel>=1 then writeln(AProcess.Executable,' not found!');
src/dUtils.pas:3862: ErrMsg := 'Tag "" not found!';
src/dUtils.pas:3908: ErrMsg := 'Tag "" not found!'
src/fDatabaseUpdate.pas:428: pnlQRZ.Caption := 'Previously canceled update breakpoint not found!';
src/fLoTWExport.pas:312: mStat.Lines.Add('tqsl file not found!');
src/fPreferences.pas:2065: Application.MessageBox('xplanet not found!', 'Error ...', mb_OK + mb_IconError);
src/fPreferences.pas:2736: ShowMessage('File:'+f+' is not found!'+LineEnding+'Check file name,'+LineEnding+'or give full path.')
src/fPreferences.pas:2743: ShowMessage('File:'+f+' is not found!'+LineEnding+'Check file name,'+LineEnding+'or give full path.');

Any of those does not fit to Command +(something)+ not found!

Instead of Hamilb rigctld it can be found:
tests/rigctl_parse.c:867: fprintf(stderr, "Command '%c' not found!\n", cmd);
tests/rigctl_parse.c:1280: fprintf(stderr, "Command '%s' not found!\n", parsed_input[0]);
tests/rigctl_parse.c:1284: fprintf(stderr, "Command '%c' not found!\n", cmd);

So it seems that your tig does not get "+f +m +v" received right.
First suspect is that you have "CI-V SPEED" AUTO. Change to 19200 for both endts Cqrlog and rig. (and CI-V TRANCEIVE OFF)
See what happens then when you start Cqrlog from console.

If same continues, try to set speed 4800 to both ends and see if it has effect.

I like to hear what happens.